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The Best Part


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    Includes full credits and lyrics. Production by DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Grap Luva, DJ Spinna, 88 Keys, and more
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  • The Best Part (2xLP Red Vinyl) Autographed
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    J-Live's critically acclaimed, historic debut album. Featuring a dream team production lineup of, DJ Premier, Prince Paul, Pete Rock, DJ Spinna, Grap Luva, Probe Rocket, and 88 Keys. With classic stand out tracks like, "Them That's Not", "Don't Play", "Vampire Hunter J", "Wax Paper", "Timeless", the title track "The Best Part" and more. Now available in this special double red viny limited edition.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Best Part via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • The Best Part 2X LP Original 1999 "Bootleg" Pressing (Signed Promo Jacket)
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    J-Live's critically acclaimed, historic debut album. Featuring a dream team production lineup of, DJ Premier, Prince Paul, Pete Rock, DJ Spinna, Grap Luva, Probe Rocket, and 88 Keys. With classic stand out tracks like, "Them That's Not", "Don't Play", "Vampire Hunter J", "Wax Paper", "Timeless", the title track "The Best Part" and more.

    Super rare first pressing from 1999. Live 99. Signed!

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Best Part via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Best Part via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • The Best Part 2X LP 3TP/Fat Beats Test Pressing (signed)
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    J-Live's critically acclaimed, historic debut album. Featuring a dream team production lineup of, DJ Premier, Prince Paul, Pete Rock, DJ Spinna, Grap Luva, Probe Rocket, and 88 Keys. With classic stand out tracks like, "Them That's Not", "Don't Play", "Vampire Hunter J", "Wax Paper", "Timeless", the title track "The Best Part" and more.

    Before moving from New York to Georgia, and changing the label name to Mortier Music, J-Live's imprint was called 3TP, Triple Threat Productions. These are the firsts of an old pressing of a classic. A rare SIGNED offering from the crates of The Live One.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Best Part via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • The Best Part 2XLP (Mortier Music Test Pressing)
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    J-Live's critically acclaimed, historic debut album. Featuring a dream team production lineup of, DJ Premier, Prince Paul, Pete Rock, DJ Spinna, Grap Luva, Probe Rocket, and 88 Keys. With classic stand out tracks like, "Them That's Not", "Don't Play", "Vampire Hunter J", "Wax Paper", "Timeless", the title track "The Best Part" and more.

    These are extremely rare black vinyl test pressings of the limited red vinyl run by Mortier Music circa 2019.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Best Part via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

Outside Looking East to West I’m a contender with the best. More or less you’re a pretender just confess. Sell your mic and buy a bike because you’re weak, or Take a hike, when the J-Live starts to speak. Save that stuff for the toilet and watch me flush. My styles a snow blizzard yours is just the slush. I’m like a red wood, and your just saw dust. I’m like a pizza, and brother you’re just the crust. So when you see the place to be is the place I’m at. J L I V E makin’ hits like a baseball bat. So when you hear me on the radio start recording. If rap was basketball, I’d take he air out of Jordan. On the mic, I’ll never stutter, stall or Cough. When I go Psycho Norman Bates better step off. I’ll take him or his Mother in a battle, cause Me on a stage, is like a cowboy in a saddle.
Intro 01:13
Got What It Takes Ayo Callin’ all hot college radio spots. I’m Comin’ to your city playin’ connect the dots. If you Can’t bite the apple then we brought the apple sauce. What it Means is I’m versatile and still got the Motts when it Comes to the shit you love that get you love in Places where nothing else does. The underground rise
Don't Play 05:04
Don’t Play It’s been a Long time coming but the blood doesn’t flow with the Wait as we dead all the damn debate. Anticipate this change gon come. You damn straight. Non Stop till my name preceded by the great. I get Around like digital Pac, and been around like the Ice cream truck on your block, and hold it down with a Squirt gun deep in your sink, spittin’ around tight Wisdom making you think. If you around light Sweetheart you can reflect. Don’t put it down cause you Need art you cant respect. I know it sound not Quite like what you expect. Type underground meaning Not just after the check. If you predict this Mist you can hardly detect will draw you up plus Six then you stand correct. Lost and found no Joke. If you sleep or neglect then suck a dick till it’s Poking out the back of your neck. Now bring it in. DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH J CAUSE YOU’LL SEE ON THE SIDELINES YOUR FANS BE ON MINE REPEAT I heard nice guys finish last. But see this theory doesn’t Quite explain the reason I’m letting yawl rat racers Leave the gate ahead of time and still politely waiting For you at the finish line. Some people find it so Amazing how I put a rhyme together and bring it to Life like Dr. Frankenstein. I hope you can handle the Truth cause see I’m frank with mine. So it be seeming like I’m Actin kinda stank at times. But see my lines are built for Battle like a tank design. Running through obstacles like Popeye during Spinach time. I got some rules and Regulations to diminish crime. And if you follow’em you Could become a friend of mine. Some catch amnesia with their Lyrics and remember mine. Then they forget that it’s a Tool I use to speak my mind. But then they even got the Nerve to try to freak my rhymes. But they get ate like they was Paint and I was turpentine. Now bring it in. REFRAIN Its been a Long time going but you still got a bounce in your Neck till your problems feel neglect. Its Incorrect if you still detect all of the stress from the Folks that expect to divide your check. See that’s the Shit that be making you think soon as your ship comes In you’ll be ready to sink. The mind state got Some scared of leaving their block. Phobiatic they’ll be Going out like Biggie and Pac. Now meanwhile some will Swing it and it come out great. Find a shorty give you Wop till you can’t see straight. Tell her bounce in the Morning she won’t even debate. Call her back next Night and she just can’t wait. Peep the former home Alone now he feel irate. Trying to front upon the Style that the Live create. You hear the same word Twice and wanna file a complaint. Well check the order of the Line that’ll set things straight. Now bring it in. REFRAIN
Vampire Hunter J Vampire Hunter J. I let you know from the get go. A little Garlic and a cross won’t stop this blood suckinest, Slave makinist, hostage takinest, sneakiest, Continental rapist. Make no mistake in this. I’m not speakin’ on a fictional figment of Folklore, but more like the type to provoke war. Spreadin’ lies to the poor, spread a plague with a cure, When opportunity knocks he locks doors, to Ensure outlasting prescribed expiration. The Reign of the undead, is self preservation. He Feeds off the lives of others. But not with fangs in your Jugular, he uses the drugs and gun smugglers. Leavin’ a trail of mindless zombies childless Mommies. Protected by powerful armies as they Guard the beast who hides by days, in a Deep dark coffin to block the sun rays. VAMPIRE HUNTER J. I LET YOU KNOW FROM THE GET GO, A LITTLE GARLIC AND A CROSS DON’T STOP THESE BLOOD SUCKINEST SLAVE MAKINIST , HOSTAGE TAKINIST, SNEAKIEST CONTINENTAL RAPIST. VAMPIRE HUNTER J. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN I TAKE ON THE TASK OF UNMASKING THE SNAKE IN THE GRASS AND WAKE UP THE SLEEP WALKERS TILL THEY’RE ABLE TO SEE, TO SHAKE UP THE SHAPE SHIFTERS IN THE POWERS THAT BE. Vampire Hunter J. So here I stand with stake in hand at the Heart of the problem with the root of all evil. If Knowing the enemy will be your only protection, the window’s will expose his lack of reflection. But you Sit at home waitin’ for the devil you like, with a Mystery meat to put in your last supper. His Lies hypnotize with a promise of gold. By the Time you even realize, you lost control. Oppressed People got power but demons conceal it, to Steal it and wield it, print money to shield it. They Flip tricks, monopolies dominate politics, to Blood suck the many, but I choose to reveal it. I’m So powerful, I let your whole world revolve around me And have it spinning so fast you cant feel it. And Eight minutes later the truth shines to build. From Sunlight, the vampire’s have no shield. So they’ll Wither and die, with their stolen blood drippin’ from my double edge sword, on my own crusade to take back from the wicked what was founded in peace. It won’t stop till the ten percent nightmare cease. REFRAIN
Yes! 03:32
YES! IT GOES 1 FOR YOU, 1 FOR ME 2 FOR YOU, 1 2 FOR ME 3 FOR YOU, 1 2 3 FOR ME 4 FOR YOU, WELL LETS SEE WHAT YOU WANT HOT SHIT OR DOPE SHIT? YES. WHAT YOU NEED FREEDOM OR JUSTICE? YES. WHAT YOU LIKE LIGHT SKINNED OR DARKSKINNED? YES. WHO ARE YOU THE BOMBER OR THE MARKSMAN? YES. Its the pinpoint Accurate assassin in the bushes or B2 Style wiping your spot off the map. Its the kamikaze With the parachute. Live nigga rap. You don’t want my Fist caught in your mouth, shut your trap. I heard you got a Jones for keepin’ up with the Jones. The only problem Is all your Joints is wack. This kid tried to Tell me you the bomb word to mother. Come to find out, He on your street team under cover. Well if that ain’t the Pot calling the kettle for the tea party. Smooth move Ex lax who said you ain’t shit. You need to come to Grips with the fact that your slipping. Shooting off the Mouth but forgot to put your clip in. Meanwhile Somewhere on the east side of Top Hat truly yours Plotting like Pinky and the Brain. To have it both Ways with the lion share coin toss show forth and Prove whose the master in the game. That’s why it goes 1 FOR YOU, 1 FOR ME 2 FOR YOU, 1 2 FOR ME 3 FOR YOU, 1 2 3 FOR ME 4 FOR YOU, WELL LETS SEE. YO WHAT YOU GOT HEADS OR TAILS? YES. STREET PROPS OR RECORD SALES? YES. WHO ARE YOU GOD OR A BLACK MAN? YES. WHERE YOUR COMP AT THE FIRE OR THE FRYING PAN? YES. Don’t you see? My mentality is sort of like the boomerang effect. Over your Head but hit you in the back of your neck. Fuckin’ With Live for wins what the fuck you expect? That’s like your Girl tossing your salad to get to get your respect. The kind of Job Tenesseins wouldn’t volunteer for, whether You Tee Martin or Chamique Holdsclaw. Like Playing chicken with a truck in a rickshaw. Quick Draw rip your rap books to cole slaw. Break Your fake stain glass jaw to jig saw. Transformate your hard facial glacior with Pure lazor cut lyrical razor. Make Sure hators get what they paid for. Stage or CD DC dee jay or emcee. Just I C E or L I V E. Paper back best seller or your cable TV make All eyes see just why it must be what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
Them That’s Not Once upon a Time there was a brother named Castro. Had a little Problem with his cash flow word. More than once upon a Time he had a dream to clock mad dough. Only at the Time it all seemed absurd. Then he saw a Light bulb flash up in his forehead, shined so Bright he had to close both eyes. Said whoever Hit em for the average poor asshole ‘bout to be Hit for they biggest surprise. Now meanwhile Still short one pot to piss in not to mention Any window to throw it out. Looking like Who don’t you want and where’d it come from, sippin’ on Chicken wings smackin’ on stout. Stepped to his Boy at the label of the month like yo what’s the Haps kid lemmie get a deal. Got a dope Song sounds just like Soandso. Whatsisname Wrote it for me even more ill. Make ya wanna Holla like Marvin. Did I mention I’m starvin’, and quite thirst. Meaning what Meaning that Imma do whatever it takes to make Sure they play my hit first on the Bill Board and last on the countdown, like contact on that show. So what’s Up black yo how that’s sound? If you down then c’mon lets go. Down to the Studio right now. Bring me that crate with told hits. Make that Beat with the right sound so that crowd’ll wanna go get in that Club with the deejay. He be on the radio all day. I get in Cool with him even though he fake as a toupee. I’ll roll with Ballers and thugs to make my image legit. Even Though back in the days they told me I wasn’t shit. I’m at the Cinderella ball now it just don’t quit. And fuck That, I’ll shrink my feet, if the shoe don’t fit. I make it Happen like hormones, you been forewarned. I got you Mad now, cause I’m kicking that popcorn that blows Up in a couple minutes. Expanding pockets till your Girl’s hand’s all in it. I see your shorty staring At me on the guest line. But these four back Stage will do me just fine. All five ask for my Joint on the request line. So if you stress me I can Tell you through the grape vine. Its like this THEM THAT’S GOT SHALL GET THEM THAT’S NOT SHALL LOSE BUT MAN YOU GOTTA GET IT WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD NOW IF YOU COULD GET IT ALL THIS MUCH AND THIS FAST DON’T BE TELLING ME YOU WOULDN’T CAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU WOULD. THEM THAT’S GOT SHALL GET THEM THAT’S NOT SHALL LOSE BUT GOD YOU GOTTA GET IT WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD NOW IF YOU COULD GET IT ALL THIS MUCH AND THIS FAST DON’T BE TELLING ME YOU WOULDN’T CAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU WOULD. I’m number one but the Bullet can’t hack it now. The Billboard need a Full metal jacket now. You see my face all Day till it make you sick. I got a hand full of Cars you can take your pick. Now who’d a thought this Bullshit song a have me seen, in every video and Every other magazine, with more attention than a Jet black drag queen at a convention with a Grand dragon klansmin? Kids hang on every word I Say like a damn feign. Its too bad I don’t Stand for a damn thing. Their parents say I’m to Nasty for their damn teens. But I ain’t write it so don’t Ask me what the fuck it mean. I got some other shit to Worry bout instead. The more money more Problems like the man said. Ain’t like my phone is being Tapped by the damn feds. But my accountant said I Can’t get out the damn red. I heard the people getting Tired of my song now. The album dropped so now my Fans are getting hostile. I only had one Song that got the style right. The guy who wrote it yo his Album dropped last night. My pockets on slim Fast and Jenny Craig. The same clubs and Restaurants that kept me well fed, reject my credit like a Muslim do Baorshead. Good thing my boss is my Boy, so I ain’t gotta beg. But now he hollin’ at me Like yo where the loot went. We ad to clear the damn Sample when the loop went. We coming up type Short like a indent. And I just learned a new Word called recoupment. I gotta pay for the Video equipment, and every other Detail and red cent spent. Oh hell naw don’t tell me Bout no fuckin’ fine print. But tell me this, how the Hell I’m gonna pay the rent. I got a live in Landlord so now I tip toe. In and out the crib to Find a way to get dough. I can’t make another Record, cause I can’t flow. But I can tell you a little Story and that shit go. There used to be a Brother named Castro. That had a little Problem with his cash flow. THEM THAT’S GOT SHALL GET THEM THAT’S NOT SHALL LOSE BUT GOD BLESS THE CHILD THAT CAN WRITE HIS OWN RHYME SOME MIGHT CHOOSE TO PRAISE SOME MIGHT CHOOSE TO SNOOZE BUT THE STYLE THAT I USE IS THE STYLE THAT’S MINE. REPEAT
Kick It To The Beat IT GOES ONE FOR THE TREBLE AND TWO FOR THE BASS. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SOUND WHEN I WALKED IN THE PLACE. I’M SAYIN’ ONE FOR THE TROUBLE AND TWO FOR THE TIME. IMMA KICK IT TO BEAT CAUSE SHE SURE IS FINE. Probe.dms “I kick it To your snare whisper in her ear, make it sound crisper With a twist of air, smack her on the rear and make her Disappear off the track, and have a love affair with the High hats then bring them right back. So yo if you pound my Heart with a hammer it would probably sound like And leave a mad smoky cloud of boom. See I’m Not the type of emcee to play a beat out, take a Drum loop and shake it and break the hell out. Well that’s Not the way I get down. I’m loving your sound. Your runnin’ Through my mind like the board playing them chords on the Rhodes. I met you in rouge. I had you on hold and now I Can’t afford to play. So you ready to J? I know our Love will pass the threshold and never decay. Don’t ever Give a dub away on any formats of data; Micro cassettes, 8tracks, DATs or BETA. Your Too fresh. God bless the creator that made ya. One” REFRAIN Asheru “Hey Bu, how you? My name is Asheru. I’m glad that We can finally link up and do the One Two. I know Brothers be hawking, Running game and double Talking you to death, until there’s very little left. So let me Not half step, and tell you off the top how you could Uh uh get it get it, and don’t stop. I Love your voice. Its like music to my ears. Love the Way that you feel, enough to bring a man to tears. I Love your body. Your booty banging like boom. Love to See you at parties the way you captivate the room. When we First met. I had to do a double take. Got Caught up in the moment with no plans to escape. Now I’m Getting it together so what do you say, to me and You parlaying that old fashioned way. So when we Step out of the party, I’ll take your hand, and me and You can go travelling across the land. Its like you Floating on air, above beyond and abroad. Love the Way you hold me when I throw you up on the board. So when we Step out of the lab girl I take your hand and me and You can go traveling across the land.” REFRAIN Peace queen don’t stop for me let me walk with you just to talk With you open up your mind let me paint a picture. You and Me sipping on a freshly squeezed flow in a sound Proof chateau letting royalties grow. No Disrespect, but you got a whole lot a bottom and I’m Curious as to how we sound in the mix. No Tricks See I ain’t looking for no one hit wonder, but I Think you ough ta know what I do for kicks. If we could Get the first third to work than we could flirt till you’re Slipping out you tight fit Pro Tools skirt. I wanna Lay you down with nothing but your two inch reels on to Make a strong song that’ll last real long. We could Pan from side to side, no automation. Let my Fingers do the walking through your knobs and faders. So What’s up? We could meet for drinks at bar sixteen. I could Drop you off now and pick you up later. If you Don’t know who I am I’m a friend of your fam. I know your Mom a SP and your pop’s a soul brother. So Chill with the echo cause there won’t be no delayin’. If you Still don’t believe me you can ask your Uncle Luva. So Can I get a hug goodbye? You smell fly like a Rose. That must be electric p by Rhodes. Matter Fact don’t say goodbye. Say until tonight. I can’t Wait to give you play in my humble abode. REFRAIN
Wax Paper 03:27
Wax Paper As I start from Scratch about this born suspect named Nic. A street Legend, pulling hits was his infatuation. From Birth his first spoken word was Tech, so by the age of 12, you could guess what would dominate his conversation. He had a twin brother born 10 apart, one was Dark, one was light, neither was right. Taking turns Lettin’ off shots to move crowds with a needle point Aim and an infra red sight, so they ruled the night. His tone arm stayed tipped with a nickel plated. So even in the cross fire they were never faded. It was debated that the steel play was over rated. But they negated all competitors who tried to state it. Very few crossed the line and made it, without a Scratch. For every new batch, there was a new catch. Often, people asked Nic, why his revolver wouldn’t Stop. He replied, “everybody wants me in a coffin”. This pitch ass tried to get live at a red light. He received 33 from a 45. By the green light, the change is his heart beat Tempo proved to Nic that nobody was exempt. So, He took his game from the PJ centers to the Club, constantly getting caught up in the mix. Slipping through the fingers of the system. Waiting in the Cut to see who’d be the next man to try an dis him. Till One day, Nic was playing sniper again. Quiet but Deadly, picking off his prey from the roof when All of the sudden he had the illest vision. It got him Amped, he stood up straight and started wuffin’. His Twin bro. simply had no idea, that killer Nic was re-evaluating his career. But his Thought process made him defiant, Equalizing, similar victims, from one major client. The Concept hit him in a flash. There was much More to this lifestyle led then petty cash. But his Brother just couldn’t understand that every move they Made was planned by the unseen hand. So Nic flipped the script, from the new to next school. Transformed the game and re-arranged the rules. Self employed requests made a transition. Corner the market by taking out your competition. But Nic’s brother didn’t have the same ambition. He’d Rather catch his victims than his fellow suspects. But He agreed something had to change, so as they discussed This, he realized his life lacked poetic Justice. So Nic’s right hand man broke left to Become one of the well known five fingers of death. Similar ends with new means and motivation, cause Now its volunteer work to vent his frustration. They Both grew with time and skills became refined. But One saw it essential to read between the lines. They Both liked to see their prey dead, but one was Addicted to seeing a pale body filled with led. See Nic’s brother had a signature move, so folks would Know he was the one out to get’em. Its like he pulled the Trigger to the rhythm, just to make you think, that your Fate, was signed and sealed with permanent ink. And Don’t let the motive be anything more than cold Blooded. Cause then he’ll put two times the effort in the Caper. With diamond tip shells he’ll drop jewels in your Dome, pull out your heart, and wrap it up in wax paper.
Timeless 04:00
Timeless My style has no birth Record. You might know when my record was born, or how I Play my favorite classics till the needles are gone. And true Say, you might know how my mom’s push in seventy Six, turned my world view, inside out in one Day. But this goes back, further than that. Further Than rap, before that first hospital slap. Way Beyond the confines of joy and pain, further than pride and Shame. Older than the foundation of the food chain. To Born the understanding of an equal cipher. With the Consistency of daylight, I shine so bright. I check, One two, but I ain’t talkin’ bout no mic. I check One Two, to calculate the science of life, to add Things right and take care of my business. Allowing me to Handle my pleasure like a pirate does treasure. My Rhymes are buried too deep to measure by the sands of the Hour glass in other words built to last. I KEEP IT TIMELESS BECAUSE I TAKE MY TIME WITH IT. RESPECT GOES OUT TO CIVILIZED AND COMMITTED. “CAUSE ONCE YOU HEAR THE CAPITAL” J, “RAP IT’LL STAY, WITH YOU FOR AWHILE, AND IT WON’T GO AWAY”. I KEEP IT TIMELESS, BECAUSE I DO MY THING REGARDLESS OF THE STRESS THAT YOUR LIFE MIGHT BRING. SO ONCE YOU HEAR THE CAPITAL J RAP IT’LL STAY WITH YOU FOR A WHILE . What do you do when you got Twenty, two minute tasks and ten minutes to deal With it, and for the first five you bullshitted? This Scenario, really best describes our folks, it’s like, Devils got plans and niggas got jokes. Like an Under dog team got hopes. But, hoop dream Buzzer beaters choke when yawl triple teamed point guards Go nuts. Power corrupts. And it’s a shame cause the Hardest working’ squad gets left with a donut. The Front runners say so what. They can’t back their home Team cause they got no guts. And high scorers check Stats, but they still have yet to win. Plus Tomorrow they’ll be ridin’ the bench once again. So you See, in this game of life, I’m not trying to be the MV P, cause the enemy’s the clock, and the referee. Because it’s obvious the world is out of order. I Hope you wake up, because we’re in the fourth quarter yawl. REFRAIN Who pays dues plus Sales tax, just to paint a picture with a thousand Words, only to find out your vision’s is blurred. It’s Absurd, yet it’s still observed, how the brilliance of Blackness is lost when a sights unheard. As old Rhyme styles fester like dreams deferred. New Styles might shine at God’s speed indeed. While some Still, “wear the mask that grins and lies”. Hides Cheeks and shades eyes, but I’m not surprised. It’s no Disguise, cause my five eye’s remain all wise. No Excuse, cause the innocent are still downsized. No Escape, we remain robbed killed and raped till you Take back your mind and extract the lies. But Until then, I still utilize my pen, to lead the Lamb from the slaughter and the horse to the water. Continuing to face the stress of life’s test. With Rhymes that impress the best cause my mind is Timeless. REFRAIN
Get The Third For the First third, I’d have to borrow three words from Stevie for the Issue. For what it’s worth I’m callin’ it official. To Live and die for you is to live and die with you, if What we got ain’t superficial, or artificial. I’ll Feel at home with you if I share my dome with you. Develop your mind to understand mine, it grown With you. It’s hypothetical, I have yet to meet you. But All it takes is time well spent alone with you. If One pawn could move along and reach the eighth rank, and Resurrect, with the grace of a queen, she would receive and Reflect, knowin’ just what I mean, when I say that I’ll Protect my useful land like the fearless grown man that I Am. With a plan to expand that’s painstaking. Like Feedin’ food for thought and regulatin’ mental bacon. Correctin’ each other when we’re mistaken and debatin’ turns to Arguing but up makin’ leads to the best Earthquakin’. But still in all I need no reminder, that God’ll be the maker and owner but not the finder. So in this wilderness I will preserve the best part. For Each Queen I meet I make it born from the start when I... TELL YOU LIKE THIS YOU CAN GET THE THIRD EYE OR THE LEG, OR THE LEG OR THE FINGER IF PREFERRED I KNOW WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND AND SIS YOU NEEDN’T SAY A WORD EYE OR THE LEG OR THE BIRD. REPEAT I set the Speed at which you twist upon your axis. From changing your Thoughts to turnin’ over on the mattress. The fact is the Culture that I practice prescribes me the father of the Civil, so most motherfuckers lack this. But more often than Not, the kind of woman I attract is, looking to Discover just another piece of steel. And you can test my Hardness on Moh’s scale or Rockwell, but see I can’t be Trapped by your magnetic field. To bring it down to Earth I’m talkin’ bout your sex appeal. You got the goods Mommy and you know I know the deal. Not even to Concern with who’s the last or next to feel cause the sword that I Wield sports a lubricated shield. The only problem Is you never take the time to build. And then you got the Nerve to say I treat you like a freak. I try to chill and Conversate with you but besides don’t stop and that’s my Spot yo we hardly even speak. So get to know the Mind behind the dick that I’m slingin’. Next time when I’m Done yo, try not o fall asleep. But still in all I Really cant complain about your brain cause you the first on my Mind when the time comes to creep. That’s why..... REFRAIN ...I should have been chillin’ with peeps. I could have Been, spendin’ more time relaxin’ or sleep. I would have Been, pushin’ up on girls like the first two. But Instead, I was wastin’ time fuckin’ wit’ you. On some Bottom line shit I know I played myself in retrospect Giving you the respect of a top choice Select. On some never again shit I expect, I’ll chalk it Up to trial ad error, but I can’t say I’m over it yet. I of sound mind and body could have sworn you were the Best of both worlds in my eyes yo you had no flaws. Then I learned it was to good to be true, cause now my Two favorite records are Wildflower and Truly Yours. I can’t front though, you had me for a second. I was Caught up in your words, over lookin’ your ways. Truth was Seen but not heard, you was lyin’ for days, just to Find yourself lost in your own damn maze. Now my Vision’s clarified like Windex. You get the peace Sign without the index, from ex to next. Too Complex, I’ll translate. Fuck you! Clean bill of Health, still I wish I never stuck you. Claim to be my Earth, but your too trife. More like Mercury. You Came close but too hot to sustain life. Now you’re Cast out, far out like Pluto, three strikes Through. Many are called but the chosen are few. So I REFRAIN
School’s In Who got the Nerve ta, right some shit that you can swerve ta over Tracks so phat there nick named Big Bertha.? It’s Probably the kid that half your crew has never heard of. Who’s Mind travels further, than pussy drugs and murder. So When you play the role of the Timeless inserter, I’m Sorry if your eighty five and you would have preferred a, Album full of ignorance, that places an experience Before the reasons why for the sake of soundin’ fly. But I, grade your Style without the curve, cause you don’t deserve Ta, receive a grade that might let you build up the nerve ta, Bite the rhyme that feeds you and needs you to listen. My Words are filled with crystal clear wisdom so they glisten. And I fill in the blanks for all the answers that your missing. I’m Rolling with a mongoose, cause snakes are steady hissin’ to Expose my flaws like salt in sores. Since they Cannot be reformed I simply kill’em by the fours. I'm the Reason why this fluid is secreting though your pores and your Spinal chord won1t let your fingers press pause. My Concepts lurk in the depths just like Jaws. A Predator of carnivores, terrorizing herbivores. So in other words. Naw, fuck the explanation. See, That’s what the rewind’s for so be patient. Cause This is the direction that my pen should be draggin’, to Transform your dollar cabs into bandwagons. J-LIVE WITH A MIC IS LIKE A CHEF WITH A BLADE. NO DOUBT, MAN I’LL CUT YA LIKE LUMBER REPEAT You see Somewhere in between the old school and the new school, a Master of the next school, came to teach the now school. Cause Business class was steady playing old tricks on new fools. So Everybody rocks jewels but can’t nobody drop jewels. One track minded, blinded, thinking only pops cool. Supply and demand rules, replaced by A&R rules. This Scholar of the next school, he wasn’t trying to hear that. So Principles and teachers abroad began to fear that, if This guy makes an impact on the students that we played they’ll End up having way too much control over their grades. See Grades will equal status for power so just like college, they’re So caught up in letter grades they skip the fuckin’ knowledge. See That’s how music power shifts from listener to maker. And That’s why music maker shifts from listener to faker. So When the listener, graduates to be an artist. He’s Still enslaved by the principles because they’re heartless. See First they make you imitate another man’s skill. Now you use your power for another man’s will. Move the crowd’s mental and they tell you sit still. Move the crowd’s pocket instead to get the bread. Yeah that’s What the students gathered from what the principle said. They Make you think the world bleeds green instead of red. But Class is in session now so now that shit is dead. I’m Comin’ through with knowledge and wisdom to fill your head. REFRAIN “Wait a Minute what the fuck does choppin’ trees have to do with Culinary?”. That’s the spirit kid analyze the lyrics, from the Moment that you hear it see cause most don’t have the skill ta, Utilize their ear’s function as a bullshit filter. So their brain gets clogged and congested by the time and the Effort that’s invested in illusion. And by the time’s Definition of reality, by the time you get the Fact they’re outnumbered in confusion. So I come. To Get shit of my chest and up in ya. And I come, to Make you feel at home with your power. And I come to Plant seeds of responsibility, and I come, Harder than a sleeper’s cold shower. Refining and Refreshing. Reprimanding, those who say they’re Representing, by demanding clarity. So when a Mouthful don’t equal an eyeful, an earful sounds Awful. At least that’s how it seems to me. So I Lead by example in my sound proof room. And the Comp gets trampled on my wack proof stage. And my Answers be, ample in a packed classroom, cause my Thought’s are reflected on a ink filled page.
R.A.G.E. 03:36
R.A.G.E. THE RULE OF ALLAH IS GOD’S EQUALITY. DESIRE FOR MY BROTHERS THE SAME AS I DESIRE FOR ME BUT WHEN MY BROTHERS STAY PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY TRAPPED IN A CAGE MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE! THE RULE OF ALLAH IS GOD’S EQUALITY. DESIRE FOR MY BROTHERS THE SAME AS I DESIRE FOR ME. BUT WHEN MY BROTHERS STAY DYING OF EVERYTHING ELSE BUT OLD AGE, MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE! Against the Machine that come in between my and my other mother Siblings that that’s caught up in the green and the things that you can Get beyond food comfy clothes and a home. And so the Streets they roam without a civilized dome to Realize that the traps is set, hounds is loose, pigs Is juiced to put another neck in a noose without a Second to lose, so powers abused and brothers are Bruised. The devil’s amused as squad cars cruise through G.H.E.T.T.O.s, were governments hold every thing that you Own to a level where your poverty prone. So half of Us will sell whatever it takes to make papes. While the Other half are customers with hopes to escape as they Hallucinate, sealing are fate. Despite the fact that your Legacy’s great, they’d rather sit home and wait. As the Means to survive and thrive are cut down, so those that Know wrong but can’t afford right say, what now? REFRAIN Against my Babies fake educators. The lieutenants for the Legislators that hate us, consistently fade since are Traders betrayed us with the sadist plot to decimate and degrade Us before we old enough to be first graders. Putting Pins in my babies heads. He could have grown to be Physically thorough bread, but mentally dead. They hide the Lies in the books that were meant to be read in the Schools that either ignore em or can’t afford em. Now the Bigger they come the harder they fall. But the younger They fall the harder it get to stand tall. Cause the Blind mans deaf son, Will be the dumb father Of a blind child saying to hell with them all. With no Family ties. So the next man’s family Cries at the funeral cause somebody tries the wrong Brother with the wrong nine doing long time Where he learns that he committed the wrong crime in the First place. Cause bust this. He should have aimed the same Gun at the criminally insane justice System that dissed him and kissed him goodbye from the Start cause his world view was based on a lie. THE RULE OF ALLAH IS GOD’S EQUALITY. DESIRE FOR MY BROTHERS THE SAME AS I DESIRE FOR ME BUT WHEN A FIGHT BREAKS OUT, EVERYTIME THERE’S SOME HIP HOP ON STAGE MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE. THE RULE OF ALLAH IS GOD’S EQUALITY. DESIRE FOR MY BROTHERS THE SAME AS I DESIRE FOR ME BUT WHEN YOU TALK TRASH LIKE YOU HARD BUT YOUR HEART PUMPS LEMONADE, MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE. WHEN ITS WAR TIME AND YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO THROW THE GRENADE, MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE. WHEN MY BABIES SAID ROLE MODELS FALL VICTIM ON THE FRONT PAGE, MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE WHEN MY BROTHERS STAY PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY TRAPPED IN A CAGE, MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE! WHEN MY BROTHERS STAY DYING OF EVERYTHING ELSE BUT OLD AGE, MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE! MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE! MY HEART FILLS UP WITH WHAT? RAGE!
True School Anthem OLD SCHOOL NEW SCHOOL NO SCHOOL RULE LIKE TRUE SCHOOL REPEAT I rock Shit like this to leave skid marks. The way a Point blank unchained pit barks. Or like the Wide open jaws of a black shark. I’m like the Starks that made you kids wanna get Clarks. Cause now you See me now you don’t. First you feel me, now you won’t feel Nothing but detached from yourself. So when the Mic was detached from my hand niggas ran like the Riffle was detached from the shelf. So when the Crowd say your wack, and you gots to go. Step Back or end up in the hospital. You got Three hints on who bout to rock the show. Six Foot God farmer growing crops of flow. YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE JUST HOW WE DO. WE LET THAT HOT SHIT SIMMER JUST FOR YOU. WE BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN THE OLD AND NEW. WHEN I SAY WHAT SCHOOL IS THIS YAWL SAY TRUE. You make the Call in this lyrical brawl one for all. All a get stunned by one just for fun. No timeouts is called once my game’s begun, cause If skills are raw then rhymes are well done. Son, Who’s the pebble in the landslide trying to Maintain when names don’t amount to a shit stain. You can roll deeper than Farrakhan its still on. J turns that ambush into that marathon. Cause If mad heads was there, than mad heads was pet, Cause mad heads could fly or mad heads could jet. The stage is set and you drown in your own sweat. There’s No point in getting upset, cause my shit’s not Done yet. Just pray to God I’ll be through by Sunset. I’m liver than electrical outlets When wet. There might be time left to place one Bet on just how bad opponents regret Their threats. You swing hits like the Mets. Well I’ll be, the whole damn MLB. So Tell me, why let your dogs loose if you scared to Sick’em. Would be suspects make the best victims. CHORUS Ayo How amped am I? Yawl motherfuckers asking, How damp am I From sweating J L I? V E add a RY are my rhymes that Fly? Needle in My third eye if I lie. That’s Why with me battling is fucking with a Pussy emcee, Whose wack rhymes are a STD. Cause if a Dope rhyme’s A Jim hat, I run through more Trojans than Notre Dame fullbacks at USC. So what’s the Weather like? All of the above will be caused by Me, Cause year round I’m down to put it on ya. They Wanted me to Fall but instead I went ta spring Summa these all season flavors upon Ya. I’m Coming through to warn ya, a yawner is a goner. Those who Sleep better realize how deep the First step to fucking with me Happens to be. Heads are Steady claiming that could never happen to Me. But Steadily making empty threats trying to gas me with Gun talk When rhymes remain unleaded and my Tank’s not empty yet. Whoever though I had a Microsoft word let your cursor press edit. And Scroll down to undo rhyme, got to file hit Save and quit, because You ain’t printing shit. Matter Fact, if you don’t take them disses of Your disk Imma Download a virus and crash your whole system. CHORUS
The Best Part Emcees out there, pipe down and listen here. Its J-Live and I brought Premier. And the Crowd don’t hush no more they say yeah. HELL Yeah with there hands up like they don’t care. True School styles light up the night like Time Square. GZA Said it this is not an 85 affair. Its the Grand opening of a long career that’s been Planned and developed for about ten years. Let the Scene blur out selector press rewind just to Show’em who’s flattop groove in 89. Thirteen still lacking b-ball skills to shine but I Got mine when I went home to write rhymes. Mastered All possible tactics of pause mix. Saved Up, copped my first Gemini starter kit. Like Rocky these hands trained on the cheap shit. For every Other dee jay, they was bound to skip. Meanwhile now, for every new dawn I caught, my Emcee style developed at the speed of thought. So hip Hop was the vessel that convinced my heart, space and Time make today’s son tomorrow’s star the best part. Ten Years, ten crates and ten rhyme books later, my History daily renewed on its equator. Supreme mathematics is now the translator as the Stakes and the skills and the love became greater for an Art form that spread from east to west side to Coast to hemisphere look how hip hop grew. But its Still the proverbial sad clown of music. Exploited by many understood by few. I do the Knowledge to the game from a birds eye view. If I ain’t Have the stomach for it I’d a been passed threw. Cause every Level I examine from A AND R to zigga zigga Prove an emcee ain’t got a goddam clue. So let the Babies be great. Break down the bare essence and Build to born styles that’s dope and brand new. Let no Man put asunder what the Bronx creates, Manhattan Makes, Brooklyn takes, and peace to Queens to. Cause the Strength of any Nation always been the babies let’em’ Learn from the elders that were strong and smart. So hip Hop will be the music that still don’t quit. When the Next batch of emcees prove to be the best part. We’re gonna End it like this in the place yawl, its like This yawl and you don’t stop. Ayo East to West I’m a contender with the best. More or less you’re a pretender just confess. Sell your mic and buy a bike because you’re weak. Or Take a hike, when the J-Live starts to speak. Save that shit for the toilet and watch me flush. My styles a snow blizzard yours is just the slush. My rhyme’s a red wood tree, yours is just saw dust. I’m like a pizza, and Shit you’re just the crust. So now you see the place I been is the place I’m at. Dig up a seventh grade rhyme style and bring it back. So when you write your first rhyme tell me how you feel. Cause back then we wasn’t thinking bout a record deal. But now a days when a kid wanna emcee. Its like just another job in the industry. So why you in it for the pocket or the heart cause Today’s star gotta be tomorrow’s sun the best part.
Play 05:01
Braggin’ Writes For underground Metaphors, you could scrape and inch below the turf for What it’s worth. My style’s been developed in the core of the Earth. The exhale is volcanic, the inhale is Seismic. So brothers just panic when the Live one Arrives with the natural ability to run through your Crew; from 214, 213, to 21 2. In other words from Dallas, to LA, to The place where J stay, everyday is mayday. So You can talk your shit on how your wettin’ emcees with mad Blood stains, but I’ll bet you can’t stand the rain. I’m Looking on your brain with disdain. Go back and Reflect on my endeavors black I can’t complain. It’s like a Raw deal, consistent with the way I make you feel. The Ends stay revealed while the means I conceal. And Those who try to steal get decapitated. You wanna Snatch my H2O type flow, that shit evaporated. I displays my credentials over instrumentals. And my potential, increases at a rate that’s Exponential. It’s detrimental fuckin’ with my thesis. The Penetration’s exact, like amniocentesis. I Rip your shit to pieces after draining out your fluid. My Vocab is fluent, yours is evidence of being truant. I know you wanna make moves, but son you best to take a Second look, before my knight takes your rook. CAUSE EVERYBODY’S RAPPIN’, AND ONLY FEW CAN FLOW. SO WHY THE HELL THEY TRYIN’ TO DEAL WITH LIVE I DON’T KNOW. I HANDLE TRUE EMCEES ON THEIR BLOCK OR AT THEIR SHOW. SO IF YOU GOT SOME BULL KID KEEP IT ON THE LOW CAUSE YO I got the hair splittin’, self written, unbitten, Style that leaves the competition running scared and shittin’ in their Pants. You best to set it off cause black it ain’t no second Chance. Once I’m open, all you’re doing is hoping that the Live one, will put the mic down, but son don’t try to snatch it After. The laughter won’t cease from the comparison I Dare you son. Step around the booth when I’m on. The Microphone magician says poof, you’re gone with the Wind. There’s no trace of your friends cause you don’t know Where the beginning ends, or where the end begins. But you See, that’s the difference you get sold, I get paid. Like I Told, you get played, if your bold I have to reign on your Parade You belong in Special Ed if you think you’ve Got it Made. J-Live with a mic is like a chef with a Blade. Cause suckers get sliced and sautéed, yeah you Thought your shit was fly, but the flight was delayed because. REFRAIN I take the brain matter of pretenders through my Mental blender and then return to sender. My Pen don’t pretend to offend I intend to Render emcees hanging loose like a fender bender. I recommend regardless of your gender that you Strike fuckin’ with J-Live from your agenda and Remember that who ever lends a helping hand to Defend ya will get burnt to a cinder. As I End the reign of wack emcees with their suicidal Tendencies. Rendering my sick with the thoughts of killing Enemies. But then I return to reality, Metaphorically murdering emcees when they battle me, you Can’t rattle me, I’m not the average snake slithering through the Grass. I surpass the serpent as I head the class. You consider me crass as I wax that ass. Styles no joke but you best believe I get the last laugh.
Epilogue 05:30
Epilogue What does it take to be a great emcee? If you Ask me its much more than mastering ceremonies. Because a lot of masquerading cornballs don’t Realize it also means mad creativity. In This day and age of mediocrity, there’s two types of Rappers that you recognize and hear. But I prefer the Ones with the lyrics of the year than the gimmick with the Gear and the right puppeteer. Now you could be the Next Rakim Shakespeare. You’re still ten Steps away from having a career. You step up to the Plate to earn respect from your peers, and end up on Deck for the remainder of your years. I suppose this means Greatness takes blood sweat and tears. It also takes an Industry that doesn’t breed fear, by pumping al this Mindless crap up in your ears, and limiting the Contrast of what you get to hear. You gotta Recognize it’s a determined idea. A righteous young Mind is a devil’s worst fear. But when you wanna Give the people peace and satisfaction, everybody’s Momma wants a piece of the action. So now I fall Victim to supply and demand. Immaculate Conceptions born illegitimate. Destined to Be the greatest story ever missed. Which means its meant to Be for whoever’s hearing this. WHEN ITS ALL SAID AND DONE IT SHOULD BE HEARD AND SEEN TILL THIS COLD HEARTTED GAME FORCES US TO CHANGE TEAMS WHILE THE LUST FOR THE LOOT SPREADS OUT LIKE GANG GREEN. SO THE HAVES CHASE THEIR TAILS WHILE THE NOTS CHASE THEIR DREAMS. AS THE YEARS CHASE THE DAYS PASTS AND FUTURES MEET FATE LIKE YOUR FIRST BORN WAITING FOR POPS RELEASE DATE. POSTPONED MEANWHILE I ACCUMULATE MEANS TO REVISE AND REVIEW WHAT WAS JUST HEARD AND SEEN. Its been stated that I Rhyme like god and I build like a poet. One Hand wash the other like lady Macbeth. Flip Styles like Bella Corolle. Warm hearted cold Blooded. I write like opposite left. I left Opposites right here they left off. My rights left Right wingers left of right besides me. Left my Right hand man cause he left what’s right. And I Reserve the right to write till I’m free. Cause I Free styles with my pen, that yawl couldn’t if you Freestyled all day long literally. This Literature designed for one orator, Stays on the head emcees emsee, that I Be the emcee’s emcee. Cause I m saying What I m thinkin’, accept when my mind’s blinking. My eye’s open, even when my eye’s drinking. I’s A socializer, but more so with those wiser. Ask yourself why’s a music so Misused it’s self contained and not self Sustained. I myself contemplate this, Till I make myself complain. Shall my Raps stay maintained rapped in cellophane Till they’re unwrapped by humored consumers? Emphatically no, so I rap wherever I Go, and let it grow up in your brain like a tumor. Refrain Ayo you Really think you know me well? There’s more to me than your Mind got room for. And much much more Than a clever verse or two. That’s all you know about me? You ain’t even knowing that. You think I give a fuck Whether or not my records sell? You damn right but see that Ain’t the way I’m keeping score. If one million people Said it does that mike it true? You judge my music by Whether or not my pocket’s fat? Well fuck you and the Cash cow you’re milking moo. It ain’t yours but the Job pays well don’t it? And if you’re lucky you could Even get to taste a drop. We’ll see who’s happy when you’re Old but you’re not grown. You see me? now Yeah, you see me later too. Fucking you up when the Vantage point change don’t it? I know its hip but you Determine if its hop or pop. You’re just a man without a Voice pass the microphone. I know the diff between Written rhymes and freestyles. But see for me it’s like, Having sex and making love. And you should know by now I’m Married to the pad and pen. But I’m entitled to cheat On her every now and then. Will your children know their Hip hop history? Will the songs you hate be Shrouded in mystery? Don’t step to me with your Stats and your date smarts. You know your neighborhood by Street signs or landmarks? I’m not talking bout the First record ever made. I’m talking bout the first One that ever made you. The first records that I Played never played me. And I can still play’em Today cause they stay true. You notice how I’m only Speaking on the timeless? It makes sense now and Then yeah now and then. Cause right now its making Picture perfect sense and then. Its making picture perfect Sense like it did now. Cause right now its making Picture perfect sense and then. Its making picture perfect Sense like it did now. Refrain



Peace and welcome to “The Best Part”. What you are experiencing right now is the first official pressing and release of a body of work that is long long overdue. This album has been built, robbed, destroyed, rebuilt, held up, postponed, cancelled, shelved, bootlegged, analyzed, exploited, slept on, supported, patiently awaited, and appreciated, long before you got your hands on this slim neat little package.

This collection of thoughts, songs and relationships has literally been on the verge of completion since 1997. It was intended to finally be released in 1999. Most of the songs were written between 1995 and 1998. However, from the first to last verse, it reaches as far back as 1988 and stretches forward up to 2001. Throughout this tedious, relatively arduous process, the people involved in this project have
successfully delivered the intended message that was conceived, forged, and
galvanized through its delivery. The understanding is the best part.


released May 1, 2001

2001 Triple Threat Productions, Inc.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

All Cuts by J-Live
“The Best Part” which was done by DJ Premier
All joints recorded by Elliott “Oh, The Pain” (Ttwo Tts) Thomas at Fast Forward Studios NYC, and mixed by David Kennedy with his trusty assistant Mika at Jet Propulsion, mastered at Fast Forward Studios, NYC by Tim Backer
“Wax Paper” which was mixed at Quad by Scott Harding
“Kick It To The Beat” which was recorded at Unique and The Cutting Room by Mario Marin and Jeff Davis, respectively
“Timeless” which was recorded at The Cutting Room by James Whipper.
“The Best Part” which was recorded at D & D Studios by Eddie Sancho.

Asheru of the Unspoken Heard appears courtesy of
Seven Heads Recordings.

All praises due to Allah. Peace to the Gods and Earths and all human families of the planet Earth. In addition to all these wonderful people listed above who contributed their hard work and talents to this album, Justice Allah thanks.

My "Ole Dad" for giving me life and
My elders; Grandma and Grandpa Martin (RIP), Aunt Lene, Aunt May May, and Aunt Jackie for all of the unconditional love from day One.
Uncle Donald (RIP), Mickey, Marie and Steve for all of their love and support.
My brothers I Divine Allah, Takhim Allah, Siheem Allah, True Master Allah, Understanding Allah, all the Gods I've had the pleasure and the privilege to build with, and the entire 5% Nation.
My whole family, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, and also those I have yet to meet.
My colleagues, teachers, students from JHS 263 Hunter, and IS 296 Halsey who strive to set and exceed new standards in education.
Mark Johnson, and the Johnson family, and ALL of my true friends from around the way. All my peeps from Central Park East and SUNY Albany
Everybody who helped J-Live survive and pay dues throughout the years. People like Chris Crossphader, DP One, James DL Ellison, Lamont Temple, Chairman Mao, Sarah Honda, DJ Premier, Allison Pember, Doug Nyce Nettingham, Mr. Complex, Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Cucumber Slice Garcia, Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, The Rap Writers Workshop at Riverside, Jeanine Davis, DJ Avee, Rachel Josil, Gabriel Guity, the whole Spark of the Dark, Richard Chong, Kitara Bingham, Tone Waweru, Sam Wilson, Frank Franklin, Natalie Porter, The whole 7Heads Massive, Serena Wills The Unspoken Heard, DMS Country and the CVEES, All the emcees and deejays I know and love, all the producers and business people I’ve learned from, and even joseph the snake.

To all those listeners who have waited for this
project to be completed and supported and
represented throughout my career. Thank you. Not everybody gets this many chances to shine.
Exectutive Producers: J-Live for Triple Threat
Productions, Inc. and Wes Jackson for
Seven Heads Ent., Ltd.

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Management: Seven Heads Management,

Photography: Kwaku Alston / Frank Franklin

Art Direction / Design: Sam Wilson for
With a Mouse Design, 917-586-6152

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J-LIVE New York, New York

J-Live's music has been a staple of inspiration for listeners of underground hip hop for over 20 years. His discography includes more than 15 full projects, as well as countless guest appearances. The artists and producers J-Live has recorded and toured with are a who's who of hip hop icons from DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Prince Paul, The Roots, Black Star, Wu Tang Clan, and many many more. ... more

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