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Outside Looking

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Outside Looking

East to West I’m a contender with the best.
More or less you’re a pretender just confess.
Sell your mic and buy a bike because you’re weak, or
Take a hike, when the J-Live starts to speak.
Save that stuff for the toilet and watch me flush.
My styles a snow blizzard yours is just the slush.
I’m like a red wood, and your just saw dust.
I’m like a pizza, and brother you’re just the crust.
So when you see the place to be is the place I’m at.
J L I V E makin’ hits like a baseball bat.
So when you hear me on the radio start recording.
If rap was basketball, I’d take he air out of Jordan.
On the mic, I’ll never stutter, stall or
Cough. When I go Psycho Norman Bates better step off.
I’ll take him or his Mother in a battle, cause
Me on a stage, is like a cowboy in a saddle.


from The Best Part, released May 2, 2001
Outside Looking
Young J-Live: Anthony Glover
Emceecologist: Tanya Gerber
Classmates: Michael Robinson, Tiquan Hodge and Kelvin James
Produced by J-Live
(J. Cadet) Only Child’s Brother’s Music / ASCAP



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