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Warm Currents

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Warm Currents
Walking round your city this morning like, ‘who ever thought I’d make it out here?’. In fact, who ever thought I’d be back? All from just putting my thoughts over a track. Every visit is the chance of a lifetime. No hits but still I touch all the bases. Grind hard like a designated runner. Still bad with names but I don’t forget faces. From the port to the street to the shops to the stage to the staff to the crowd. Take a picture it’ll last longer. But a thousand word song pixelates much stronger. Whoever said love don’t pay the bills musta never made art for a living. I’m living as a kidnapped hostage on the land of a wiped out tribe but even still every day is thanks giving. Warm currents.
Killing time online in the afternoon shooting the shit with some complete strangers. iTunes listening back to my own shit. Old young shit to brand new grown shit. Checking in with the fam like I’ll be right back. It’s good to be home. It’s good to be missed, for real. It’s good to be missed away from your home, indeed. Not everybody gets down like this. Its good to be loved, it’s good to be kissed by the sun on every time zone of the Earth. If she don’t see that he wasn’t doing it right. Having said that what we doing tonight. And I confess, we just looking for a way to release that stress. For double meanings you could blame that dress. But I digress. I’m eating off of food for thought. Neither of us should ever settle for less. It’s arm currents.
Looking around at this crowd right now thinking, this about to be the greatest show ever. 5 50 500 5000. You will not forget tonight. Nope. Never. This ain’t a concert, it’s a commencement. Congratulations on your graduation. You are all now J-Live alumni. Throw your hands in the air it’s a celebration. Everybody up in here with your hands up. A little higher if you down for what ever. All the single ladies in the house, by the end of this show now we go together. I’m just playin unless ya gon do it. Shit, don’t knock it until you been through it. I got my eye on this one in the front if she front it won’t be a deterrent to none of these warm currents.


from How Much Is Water?, released November 13, 2015
J. Cadet
Only Child's Brother's Music ASCAP
Produced by J-Live



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