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There's really nothing I could say here that I didn't say in the lyrics. Part of the reason "At the Date of This Writing" is a series of projects is so I can revisit this in time to gauge progress. This ever changing music industry landscape is rough terrain. not for the faint of heart. Throughout the struggles, I'm thankful for what I have and where I've been.


Rest in peace to Sean P. I remember when he
Said “brokest rapper you know nice to meet ya”. The
Line so relatable I wished I wasn’t second brokest
Rapper you don’t know and could afford a feature. See
Lyrically my brain is top of the food chain.
Financially? I’m still pushin little fish status. That’s
Why it cracks me up when you rate your top X. With your
Limited exposure to the brightest and badest. But
Underground means underrated I hate it. So
As a underdog I think I’m kinda getting annoyed
Underrated means underfunded. Keep it 100
Underfunded plus independendent is underemployed.
Emcees out there I used that line a couple times. Now it’s
My thing. Nah that’s still EPMD. You mighta
Seen hush the crowd and the best part chart. But I have
Yet to make dollars like eric and P. From the
People that brought you Money Matters” “Pay it Forward. I’m
Talking to myself still working on it. See I’m a
Artist. Giving you my life that’s a work in
Progress. A work in struggle. I learn how to
Juggle. A dropped ball bursts the whole bubble. I’m a
Obscure star to see me you need a Hubble. And that
Light from a distance is really kinda old. When not
1 donut from the bakers dozen went gold. Even
If only the first that mighta quenched the thirst. I know a
Few cats that’s still gettin shows off that.
Primarily their labels put their videos on TV. So
As you grow they still etched in your memory. As for
Me, the trade off is I own my masters.
Working on that little bit about mastering ownership.
Kinda like the dif beween doing shit and knowing shit.
Building or rebuilding. Aging or growing it. But
Bills are in cut off red You getting home. Turn the
Gas stove on. See if the heat still working. I’m
Not about to Freeway rob me a person. If
Somebody robbed me, we’d just be rehearsing I’m
Just keeping quarters out he coin star jar. Imma
Keep that commission for easy laundry money. This is
Real shit. Genuine manure the minutia that
Most wouldn’t admit because it’s really not funny. In
These days and times being broke is too expensive
Late fees and penalties will make you so pensive. The
Closest thing to credit is a negative account where
Overdraft is interest that determines your amount. And you
Got it to a science where your doing the most. And he
Cashier is kinda like a game show host. And a
Application feel like a celebrity roast. ‘Cause you
Refuse to give up on a dream that’s so close. These are
Just the confessions of a beautiful mind, in the
Face of bad decisions during difficult times.
Recognizing the landscape. Adjusting accordingly
Working towards affording some other people recording me
Still so thankful for my fans steady supporting me.
Sniffing every one of these roses before I die. I’m just
Glad I was paying attention when I was poppin or I
Couldn’t keep it moving with this DIY. See It’s
Really not the poor part. More like the broke part. Cause
Broke is temporary where poor is a condition
Broke’s a minor setback to a man on a mission
Broke is solve for X to a supreme mathematician
Broke is a safe in the water to a magician
Keep your fillet Os I’m about to go fishing
In a living room lab that’s not really a booth. Giving the
Beat a concussion like "TELL THE TRUTH".
I say all that to say the poor part still aint the worst part. If
You got 120 remind me to break it down. A wise
Brother once said that people hear what they see. True
Dat you know how light travel faster than sound. So I’ll
Show and prove rather than tell. As the fans of the
Dope promote complaints about wack like bad smells. Imma
Accentuate make wine from sour grapes. Spiked
Lemonade from lemons. The idea is still determined. Let’s GO!


from At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 1), released December 12, 2016
Written, produced, arranged mixed and mastered by J-Live.
J. Cadet Only Child's Brother's Music ASCAP



all rights reserved