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Stir Of Echoes

from by J-LIVE

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“Stir of Echoes” It’s one of my favorite movies. Maybe now people can use me in that “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” game. Maybe this song is too long, but I was having a lot of fun with it. I always wanted to use that old style.I don’t know who flipped it first but I learned it at “Run’s House” If I’ve got to teach you about the hook, you’ve got a lot more listening to do elsewhere before you can really appreciate this record. It was cool to have Tanya Gerber flipping the hypnotizing scene. The last verse was one of my favorites when I wrote it. It was the first song we recorded for the album, and one of the last ones we finished.


from All of the Above, released April 2, 2002

(a) J. Cadet.
(b) Only Child’s Brother’s Music ASCAP.
(c) Produced by J-Live for Triple Threat Productions.
(d) Beat by J-Live. Guest vocals by Tanya Gerber.
(e) All of the Above.