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“Satisfied” The question is, with last years tragedy on September 11th,
as we recover as a nation, will we keep in mind all of the issues and
problems that existed before? A lot of people stepped up and held it down on and after September 11th, but that shouldn’t allow us to forget all of the serious issues yet to be properly addressed. Aside from those thoughts in the second verse, “Satisfied?” is about priorities and values. It deals with the idea that money is a tool to achieve goals, not a goal itself. If your goal is to attain wealth alone for luxury and survival, then what do you stand for?


from All of the Above, released April 2, 2002

(a) J. Cadet, V. Williams.
(b) Only Child’s Brother’s Music ASCAP, Illmental Music BMI.
(c) Produced by Dj Spinna for Beyond Real Productions.
(d) Beat by Dj Spinna. Melodica by Ticklah. Anonymous background vocals by J-Live and Dj Spinna?
(e) All of the Above.