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This is kind of a follow up to Eleven Nine. A song for the times. A lot of people are scared. On different sides of different issUes for different reasons. As Yoda would say, fear leads to hate and suffering. When love reigns, we really have nothing to fear but fear itself.


Goodness sake. For god’s sakes. Lam sakes
Sakes alive the stakes is high for you and I
Mistakes we make that live on after we die
Inherit the earth and make meek out of the mighty
Explains why niggas is flighty trying to fly
Among the stars and can’t get past the full moon. Have
Yet to grasp earthly things so the high tide
Brings in Icarus dead remains. For
Years we been putting on wax. My
People been sick facts. The
Woke know you WHO made the virus. While you
Steady telling us to relax. The
Vaccine is here on these tracks. But we
Gotta do better than just slack. The
Reward is way more than just racks. With
Understanding we bring the love back now cmon

So whom shall I fear
Stop look and listen but please don’t stare
This is no time for runnin’ scared
This is a time to get prepared
The few that run things are scared
Scared of the many that make the things run
Divide and conquer under the gun
They know they’re done when we know we are one

Past is a lie. Fear is a liar
Present day wisdom puts out the fire
Tip said it best on we got the jazz that we
Have no time to wallow through the mire. They
Really don’t want to see you brandish iron
Except or unless when lion kill lion
Take baby lions away from Mt Zion
To Babylon where the teachers stay lying
Cry wolf bluffing but the wolf stay crying
In the sheeps clothes you gotta keep you eye on
They tried to bury us yes indeed
As the saying go they didn’t know we were seeds
As the story goes yet and still we rose
Like the roses out of the concrete jungles. The
Head corner stones the builders never chose. With
Each generation the legacy grows so so so...

Get ready to stay ready
Stay ready you don’t have to get ready
Be ready you don’t have to fear
Anything Get fear the fuck up outa here
Grow your locks buy you weave. Rock your hijab
Speak your language Keep or quit your day job
Work your night shift. Uplift. Build your business
Follow your dreams up with the most swift
Action. Create poetry and prose. Be
Pros and pro create. Proactive over
React. Way over the over reaction
Give no assholes the satisfaction
Give them their bullshit back like James Baldwin
Not my problems or job to solve them
Hot takes scalding inside the cauldron
Burn tongues of the dumb snakes they come from


from At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 1), released December 12, 2016
Written, produced, arranged mixed and mastered by J-Live.
J. Cadet Only Child's Brother's Music ASCAP



all rights reserved