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I like to start an album with the kind of song I can start a show with. Open with a bang. High energy. I also like to play with the words one two, want to and want you, apparently.


Peace! Peace! Peace! Yeah wudup homie? What it
Is? What it do? Talk to me like you know me. Shit it’s
Cold out here. Winter of discontent. Get it
Twisted like witch nipples it used to be simple. Gimmie a
Mic a stage and a check. Fuck a check. Gimmie
Cash for the balance like you sent the deposit.
Imma pull these styles off the shelf. Go for self
Expression. Maybe even skeletons out the closet. Just to
Show yawl the bare bone truth. And ring it home. If
Biters sucking the marrow. They catching a arrow. A dart
A bullet a missle and a torpedo. Get your
Own damn style that would be neato. Super
Keen even. Not saying I can’t influence. Just
Show your own work so it’s congruent. I grew
Up on the shit my elders still continue to do.
Masta Ace I’m looking at you. So what the
Youngins step and fetch that old soft shoe. When De
La and Tribe come through with the brand new. To me that
Just mean the saga must continue. With that
Wh wh wh wh one two one two

One two one two one two I want you to hear me loudly clearly
One two one two one two I want you to hear me louder clearly

See I was
Raised in the 212 I rep it 36
5 since way before there was a 646 or a
347. I aint heard 'til I was
718 and put Braggin' Writes up in the mix
From 214 to 213. To places where to dial
Home I had to learn to put 001. Now the
Cell phone just has plus signs as I add
Countries to the list of where I have my fun. Who
Invented mic check 1 2 1 2. Some
Soundman before hip-hop I would imagine. But
Much like the samples that we still run through we made it
Relevant. Our passion becomes fashion.
We fashion weapons and tools out of the trash and
Fasten the messages cool to make it last and
Add a dash of next level to keep it moving showing
And proving and improving on that old 1 2.


from At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 1), released December 12, 2016
Written, produced, arranged mixed and mastered by J-Live.
J. Cadet Only Child's Brother's Music ASCAP



all rights reserved