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Like This Anna

from by J-LIVE



“Like This Anna” Part of me hopes the concept for the song is obvious,
and another part of me hopes it takes a minute or two to sink in. In the
traditional talk ish get ready style of “like this and a, like that and a”,
I’m talking to a girl named Anna and telling her what it’s like. A lot of self proclaimed playas might hate on this one, but every time I turn around, someone in my family’s popping out a daughter. I just wanted to throw
a message in a bottle. Holla if you hear me.


from All of the Above, released April 2, 2002

(a) J. Cadet, J. Pritchard.
(b) Only Child’s Brother’s Music ASCAP.
(c) Produced by Joe Money for Vintage Music.
(d) Beat by Usef Dinero. Background vocals by Joe Money, D-Story, Wes Jackson, Siheem “da lawya” Allah and Elliott “Two Takes” Thomas.
(e) All of the Above.