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Do that &#​!​%

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“Do That s#!%” I tried to go a whole album without venting. Sorry, no dice. It’s just that I came up during different times. Ain’t nothing wrong with
talking ish and fantasizing about all kinds of stuff outside yourself. You can be whoever you wanna be on a record. But damn. Its like most of the kids I know, all they know how to rhyme about is guns and drugs now. It’d be different if they were surrounded by it. But most of the kids I’m talking
bout only know that world through music anyway. So the question
becomes, what do you know about yourself?


from All of the Above, released April 2, 2002
10. DO THAT $#!%*

(a) J. Cadet, V. Williams.
(b) Only Child’s Brother’s Music ASCAP, Illmental Music BMI.
(c) Produced by Dj Spinna for Beyond Real Productions.
(d) Beat by Dj Spinna. Background vocals
by Dj Spinna DJ Chaos, El da Sensai,
and Wes Jackson