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At The Date Of This Writing (Vol. 1)


Peace! Peace! Peace! Yeah wudup homie? What it Is? What it do? Talk to me like you know me. Shit it’s Cold out here. Winter of discontent. Get it Twisted like witch nipples it used to be simple. Gimmie a Mic a stage and a check. Fuck a check. Gimmie Cash for the balance like you sent the deposit. Imma pull these styles off the shelf. Go for self Expression. Maybe even skeletons out the closet. Just to Show yawl the bare bone truth. And ring it home. If Biters sucking the marrow. They catching a arrow. A dart A bullet a missle and a torpedo. Get your Own damn style that would be neato. Super Keen even. Not saying I can’t influence. Just Show your own work so it’s congruent. I grew Up on the shit my elders still continue to do. Masta Ace I’m looking at you. So what the Youngins step and fetch that old soft shoe. When De La and Tribe come through with the brand new. To me that Just mean the saga must continue. With that Wh wh wh wh one two one two One two one two one two I want you to hear me loudly clearly One two one two one two I want you to hear me louder clearly See I was Raised in the 212 I rep it 36 5 since way before there was a 646 or a 347. I aint heard 'til I was 718 and put Braggin' Writes up in the mix From 214 to 213. To places where to dial Home I had to learn to put 001. Now the Cell phone just has plus signs as I add Countries to the list of where I have my fun. Who Invented mic check 1 2 1 2. Some Soundman before hip-hop I would imagine. But Much like the samples that we still run through we made it Relevant. Our passion becomes fashion. We fashion weapons and tools out of the trash and Fasten the messages cool to make it last and Add a dash of next level to keep it moving showing And proving and improving on that old 1 2.
Eleven Nine 04:35
Ayo “Rich man poor man read the headlines.” Got you Feeling like a “motherless child” on a rudderless Ship. Running late. Bringing slaves to the new world Stuck in your old ways for centuries and decades. The Moral decay, in a “rotten tooth smile. Used to Walk with a swagger” like it don’t smell foul. But “a Dirty mouth can’t say clean things”. That anthem you Sing? Got a verse that the record won’t skip. Stevie Wonder said “I aint gonna stand for it”. “Oh Say. Can you see” what matters. All Black and blue? Bruised, because you choose fear and ignorance too. But you don’t see color? Fuck you. I see Black Brown Yellow and Red, robbed raped murdered Kidnapped and left for dead. I see off white. Too poor to shine as bright. Same neighborhood Shook when they see me at night. Shit, can I see Color? I could use that monopoly money. I been Stuck on Baltic. Shot on Park Place. Community chest disappeared without a trace or a Chance to advance and it aint just happenstance. From Urban renewal to job flight in the rural. Divide one to conquer itself as if plural Two Parties, no favors. Asking slavers to Save us. Adopting the same behaviors Oppressed by the oppressed. Impressed by the Promise of no stress. So have-nots settle for Less than representation for taxation. This my country. NOT My nation From nine Eleven to eleven nine, America been Steady losing it’s fucking mind. The dumb now lead the Deaf but they both blind. I guess that city on the Hill done lost its shine. From way before nine Eleven to eleven nine, America been Steady losing it’s fucking mind. I guess that city on the Hill done lost its shine. Go get your shine box Nigger cause now it’s our time. That’s what the fox say. You watch the idiot box the livelong day. Getting railroaded. Ram rodded fucked Hoodwinked and run amuck. Led astray so false Media can make a buck. Pedaling false Idols made by false prophets. Your real money pad Pockets as they send profits everywhere but where the Dollars need to circulate. The circle jerk Fluctuates like the interest rate. Who holds the yoyo? The Fed Reserve’s the right to remain silent Hand Sell me your guns and call me a violent man That’s not god that’s old money laughing at your plans Not the root of all evil, but soylent Green is… Look! We just wanna feed the people, flee The prisons fix the problems fight the power Flood the pool with abundance. You killing us with Kindness and redundance via pundits Education still underfunded. We watch Money going up in smoke. Predator drones poke Holes in your constitution. We are at wars. How many we get congress approval for? From nine Eleven to eleven nine. America been Steady losing it’s fucking mind. The dumb now lead the Deaf but they both blind. I guess that city on the Hill done lost its shine. Since way before nine Eleven to eleven nine. Human decency been Steadily on the decline. America been Steady losing it’s fucking mind. I guess that city on the Hill done lost its shine Oh. So Trump wins and you defend the votes of white people? This brother hears you Mr. Moore maybe they’re not evil Maybe they’re not stupid either they just got tricked into Thinking the elephant’s shit don’t stink OK But somehow someway suffering whites that Prioritize their self interest over your human rights, is Somehow different from apathy and lack of Empathy that enslaved and segregate without sympathy So many people of color busting their ass just so Yawl can associate white people with working class You give a good job to Joe, ignore Jerome and Jose Regardless of what else it says on the resume I goes back to when Columbus couldn’t navigate Like slave patrols a precursor to your police state Like you most dangerous because you most ignant Like Mad at the victims for being indignant Like Claim Pigment’s a figment yeah aight It started with you might be poor but at least your white Like might makes WHITE native American all Immigrants should take flight according to the alt right Sounding more like the third Reich. Makes you Wonder how many votes were lost on their first strike You think you thirst for freedom? See them water protectors? Wait until you realize just how much you need’em From nine Eleven to eleven nine. America been Steady losing it’s fucking mind. The dumb now lead the Deaf but they both blind. I guess that city on the Hill done lost its shine. Since way before nine Eleven to eleven nine. Human decency been Steadily on the decline. America been Steady losing it’s fucking mind. I guess that city on the Hill done lost its shine
For Goodness sake. For god’s sakes. Lam sakes Sakes alive the stakes is high for you and I Mistakes we make that live on after we die Inherit the earth and make meek out of the mighty Explains why niggas is flighty trying to fly Among the stars and can’t get past the full moon. Have Yet to grasp earthly things so the high tide Brings in Icarus dead remains. For Years we been putting on wax. My People been sick facts. The Woke know you WHO made the virus. While you Steady telling us to relax. The Vaccine is here on these tracks. But we Gotta do better than just slack. The Reward is way more than just racks. With Understanding we bring the love back now cmon So whom shall I fear Stop look and listen but please don’t stare This is no time for runnin’ scared This is a time to get prepared The few that run things are scared Scared of the many that make the things run Divide and conquer under the gun They know they’re done when we know we are one The Past is a lie. Fear is a liar Present day wisdom puts out the fire Tip said it best on we got the jazz that we Have no time to wallow through the mire. They Really don’t want to see you brandish iron Except or unless when lion kill lion Take baby lions away from Mt Zion To Babylon where the teachers stay lying Cry wolf bluffing but the wolf stay crying In the sheeps clothes you gotta keep you eye on They tried to bury us yes indeed As the saying go they didn’t know we were seeds As the story goes yet and still we rose Like the roses out of the concrete jungles. The Head corner stones the builders never chose. With Each generation the legacy grows so so so... Get ready to stay ready Stay ready you don’t have to get ready Be ready you don’t have to fear Anything Get fear the fuck up outa here Grow your locks buy you weave. Rock your hijab Speak your language Keep or quit your day job Work your night shift. Uplift. Build your business Follow your dreams up with the most swift Action. Create poetry and prose. Be Pros and pro create. Proactive over React. Way over the over reaction Give no assholes the satisfaction Give them their bullshit back like James Baldwin Not my problems or job to solve them Hot takes scalding inside the cauldron Burn tongues of the dumb snakes they come from
Rest in peace to Sean P. I remember when he Said “brokest rapper you know nice to meet ya”. The Line so relatable I wished I wasn’t second brokest Rapper you don’t know and could afford a feature. See Lyrically my brain is top of the food chain. Financially? I’m still pushin little fish status. That’s Why it cracks me up when you rate your top X. With your Limited exposure to the brightest and badest. But Underground means underrated I hate it. So As a underdog I think I’m kinda getting annoyed Underrated means underfunded. Keep it 100 Underfunded plus independendent is underemployed. Emcees out there I used that line a couple times. Now it’s My thing. Nah that’s still EPMD. You mighta Seen hush the crowd and the best part chart. But I have Yet to make dollars like eric and P. From the People that brought you Money Matters” “Pay it Forward. I’m Talking to myself still working on it. See I’m a Artist. Giving you my life that’s a work in Progress. A work in struggle. I learn how to Juggle. A dropped ball bursts the whole bubble. I’m a Obscure star to see me you need a Hubble. And that Light from a distance is really kinda old. When not 1 donut from the bakers dozen went gold. Even If only the first that mighta quenched the thirst. I know a Few cats that’s still gettin shows off that. Primarily their labels put their videos on TV. So As you grow they still etched in your memory. As for Me, the trade off is I own my masters. Working on that little bit about mastering ownership. Kinda like the dif beween doing shit and knowing shit. Building or rebuilding. Aging or growing it. But Bills are in cut off red You getting home. Turn the Gas stove on. See if the heat still working. I’m Not about to Freeway rob me a person. If Somebody robbed me, we’d just be rehearsing I’m Just keeping quarters out he coin star jar. Imma Keep that commission for easy laundry money. This is Real shit. Genuine manure the minutia that Most wouldn’t admit because it’s really not funny. In These days and times being broke is too expensive Late fees and penalties will make you so pensive. The Closest thing to credit is a negative account where Overdraft is interest that determines your amount. And you Got it to a science where your doing the most. And he Cashier is kinda like a game show host. And a Application feel like a celebrity roast. ‘Cause you Refuse to give up on a dream that’s so close. These are Just the confessions of a beautiful mind, in the Face of bad decisions during difficult times. Recognizing the landscape. Adjusting accordingly Working towards affording some other people recording me Still so thankful for my fans steady supporting me. Sniffing every one of these roses before I die. I’m just Glad I was paying attention when I was poppin or I Couldn’t keep it moving with this DIY. See It’s Really not the poor part. More like the broke part. Cause Broke is temporary where poor is a condition Broke’s a minor setback to a man on a mission Broke is solve for X to a supreme mathematician Broke is a safe in the water to a magician Keep your fillet Os I’m about to go fishing In a living room lab that’s not really a booth. Giving the Beat a concussion like "TELL THE TRUTH". I say all that to say the poor part still aint the worst part. If You got 120 remind me to break it down. A wise Brother once said that people hear what they see. True Dat you know how light travel faster than sound. So I’ll Show and prove rather than tell. As the fans of the Dope promote complaints about wack like bad smells. Imma Accentuate make wine from sour grapes. Spiked Lemonade from lemons. The idea is still determined. Let’s GO!
Old Man Game 02:38
Yo this is Old man game. Sitting back watching yawl Laughing on the inside keeping my composure. The Things yawl mofuckers do for exposure. Starting when it’s over and don’t even get closure. Obey your thirst but to display your thirst is to Betray your thirst I mean first things first. You wanna Be the magnetic. Take time to charge up. Acting like your name ring bells. Not even Starbucks. Your Whole style tired as hell. And we can tell your Priorities are fucked as well. Your head swells like you Used to the finer things. Precious metals and stones. Whips clothes watches chains and rings. But you Know what’s funny. New money still get Laughed off the country club by old money I’m Glad you enjoying yourself . But if you gon’ front, Learn about generational wealth. Cmon “Do the smurf. Do the wop. Baseball bat. Rooftop like we bringing 88 back.” Yo this is Old man game, still holding court like to Get me off the sticks it might take a whole fortnight. That’s two weeks for your limited vocab. If You pimpin, your hoes have low IQ. Prolly Lacking in the self esteem too. I roll with Queens. You should fall through. Learn a thing or too. Yawl niggas Rappin bout eating off the next man’s plate. Like being Side nigga makes you great. Hol up wait. Thank you Shout out to dirty mack scoundrels Allowing me to Weed out the snakes saving all kinds of headaches You laughing at love and people having actual feels BUT a Whole in your heart a no frills can’t fill. And even Still only scratching the surface. You never know the Thrill of something real bussin shots with purpose Or how honor is it’s own reward. How much Drama can you really afford. Cmon young lord.
Keep paddling. Keep battling Snake tails make sounds he don’t let it rattle him Fall off the horse? Just tighten up the saddle and Hop right back on. Chuck the next javelin The tip of the spear for a career stay sharp Use momentum and aim for the heart. If you Don’t have enough for a spear then throw a dart. You Never empty-handed when it comes to the art. Even the empty hand is a tool. A knife and a rock. A Wrench a cup it’s only empty to a fool. To the Unfooled wise it’s full push and pull strike Block parry cover or choke it’s no joke. I Awoke to the sound of a heartbeat. The sound of a Start. Beat feet to get out on the street. Peddle the Art to my personal tribe of clientele. I roll Deep one deep worldwide aint hard to tell. If my Name don’t ring bells the silent alarm brings a Response team every time every rhyme is a Dog whistle. So where my dogs at kennels have Found I supply food for though by the pound. Plant Based with no beef. Gorillas get protein Too. Chew through wood you notice the sharp teeth. But While you claim alpha or silver back. I’m something like the Lone wolf, doing what’s best for the pack. So when we All follow footsteps the numbers concealed. None of your Business. Focus on whatever is real for your Own books the rest is just fantasy play. What they Eat, aint shit to you anyway. You might as well just Keep paddling. Keep battling Snake tails make sounds he don’t let it rattle him Fall off the horse? Just tighten up the saddle and hop right back on Chuck the next javelin Keep paddling shit’s creek or clear water. Short stack or tall order. Rough chop or Smooth sailing. With the current or upstream. Like Salmon keep jamming 'til you get to your dream. Redeem the dues paid punch your own ticket. The Answer is yes. The question was can I kick it. Rhetorical or preposterous I let you pick. Historically allegorical witty and wicked. So from the Deep to the shallow end of the pool. Same Flow. Sink or swim if you floating cool. I can’t Stop won’t stop and I shant drift. The game’s a Fickle mistress gotta stay swift. The Sands of time blowing in the winds of change Days of our lives continually get more strange. Like the Doctor. Marvel at the soap opera Life is A test, the clock is the only proctor Fighting Shadows I remain a Spit Kick boxer. Holding the Mic in my intercepting fist like the flick of The wrist that snatch chest hairs from Chuck Norris I just Go for it no risk or roadblock could detour it. Or deter it. My turret stay pointing forward. Dishing dimes in he paint like a point forward Up 20 or down 20 I found plenty of Rhyme and reason to keep firing rounds 'til the Buzzer sounds.


"At The Date Of This Writing (Vol 1) is the first in a series of EPs featuring all new self produced songs by J-LIVE. Pre order now available exclusively via BandCamp. Project drops on Dec 12th, 2016. Advocate dope


released December 12, 2016

All songs Written, produced, arranged mixed and mastered by J-Live.
J. Cadet Only Child's Brother's Music ASCAP

Art direction by Colin Badger.
Photography by Melissa Alexander for Phyllis Iller


all rights reserved



J-LIVE New York, New York

J-Live's music has been a staple of inspiration for listeners of underground hip hop for over 20 years. His discography includes more than 15 full projects, as well as countless guest appearances. The artists and producers J-Live has recorded and toured with are a who's who of hip hop icons from DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Prince Paul, The Roots, Black Star, Wu Tang Clan, and many many more. ... more

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